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bitwise is a tiny IT company based in Copenhagen. We create websites and web applications

Static website generators

Static websites are trending, and for good reasons. Performance is as great as it comes. Security too. There is virtually no maintenance (no CMS updates to install, no CMS migration to next major version, no server updates, no database problems, etc.). Your content becomes more distributable and reusable. And last, not least: Static site generators are maturing and fun to work with.

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Wordpress and Drupal

Wordpress and Drupal are popular choices. We are skilled in both, and have insight into the inner workings of both. We offer:

  • Simple setup with standard templates (this is quickly done)
  • Creation of custom templates/themes from either HTML or a graphical layout
  • Added functionality with public plugins
  • Custom plugin development
  • Performance optimization

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Custom web applications

  • Custom web applications from scratch, ie on a LAMP stack
  • To rapidly create an application, we sometimes use CakePHP

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No one loves a slow website. Neither do Google (and their ranking algorithm). Luckily there are many low hanging fruits and in many cases performance can be drastically improved with just a couple of hours of effort.

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